An invisible force is a desk that tells fortunes by Crispin Jones.  Exhibited at Ars Electronica 2002.  The desk answers the users questions through lasercut pieces of wood that make up the surface of the desk.  These tiles raise and lower to spell out the answers while also recreating the audio of a train station departures board.  As the user is waiting for the answer to the question that they have inserted into the metal slot, the temperature of this slot begins to rise so that the user must endure a certain level of pain to get have their question answered.

First of all, Jones was true to the aesthetic of the desk through and through which is something we should take into account in our own project.   Also, whereas this desk requires the user to experience pain (even if mild) to get the answers, we will require our user to ask for the help of others for theirs, risking ridicule.

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