CyberFortune is an interactive website that combines fortune-telling with the internet and the digital medium. “Although originating from ancient times, fortune-telling is a behaviour that is still actively performed within modern hi-tech society. Accordingly, the practice of fortune telling has become an indispensable basic element for constructing “interactive” net behaviour with users. While appreciating the traditional lore, one is also experiencing at the same time an alternative digital form that combines ancient and technological fortune-telling.”

The site asks for the users to enter numbers, photos, and words to then generate a prophecy of some sort for the user that draws from imagery on the web, news articles, and other on-line texts. Although similar in some ways to our project, CyberFortune’s goal is to try to combine ancient art of fortunetelling with the digital world and does not seem to want to comment on the humor found in the act. In addition, although this site allows you to see information provided by others, it is mostly an individual experience. Our project will aim to involve groups of people in the prophecy of our user.

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