by Raffaello D’Andrea (CA) Max Dean (CA) Matt Donovan (CA)
“A completely normal chair, just like the ones typically found in school classes or waiting rooms, turns out to be a robot of all things! Before the eyes of the beholder, it repeatedly morphs back and forth between chair and robot. With the help of a built-in camera, the robot can assign its missing parts to their proper places. Thanks to special mechanical joints, the robot can reassemble the dispersed legs and back of the chair into a complete chair, only to morph back into a robot once again.” Prix Ars Electronica 2006, Honorary Mention Interactive Art
This chair is crazy. Just as our chair will be “magically” instilled with the ability to answer questions specific to the user, this chair is able to magically reassemble itself after it has fallen apart. Whereas our chair will advertise it’s magic powers, though, this chair camouflages itself as a normal school chair which adds to the marvel when it begins to move and fall apart.