In order to display images on our screen that would connect to the sensors on our chair, we decided to do image searches on Google using the word “awesome” by itself as well as with other key words and terms. We wanted to see the image output for all our inquiries so we could picture a scenario in our minds for user testing.

The results for our image search are essential for user interaction. The following are search key words we used as well as Google’s image search results:-

Keywords with “Awesome”:

  • Totally Awesome
  • Not Awesome
  • Very Awesome
  • Amazingly Awesome
  • Extremely Awesome
  • Truly Awesome
  • Surprisingly Awesome
  • Ahhhh Awesome
  • Retarded Awesome
  • Disgustingly Awesome
  • Retarded Awesome
  • Simply Awesome
  • Creepy Awesome
  • Crazy Awesome

We also searched for images using just the word “Awesome” on Google and wrote down the phrases that are tagged under the images to see if we can make meaning of any of them:-

  1. more Awesome than this picture … more awesome than this picture!
  2. Kelly “Awesome” Kelly “Awesome”
  3. i searched for “awesome” in Google I searched for “awesome” in google
  4. picture-39.png
  5. The Awesome V-Rex Motorbike The Awesome V-Rex Motorbike-
  6. Caps-Lock is FULL of AWESOME!!1! Caps-Lock is FULL OF AWESOME!!1!
  7. Todays Awesome Photograph comes Today’s awesome photograph comes
  8. (our God is an Awesome God) (our God is an awesome God)
  9. David Beckham uses Awesome David Beckham Uses Awesome Bod to …
  10. Check out All the Awesome eye chart Check out all the Awesome Eye Chart…
  11. Not their blog… January 2008 Not Their Blog: January 2008
  12. Awesome M.F-ing Dog Awesome M.F-ing Dog
  13. Awesome t shirt closeup awesome t shirt closeup
  14. Thats becuase you arent Awesome That’s because you aren’t awesome

Finally these are screen shots of Google’s image search results for words using awesome:-