The “Awesome Chair” is a project developed by Rabia Malik, Valeria Pivovarova, and Catherine Lewis for our Major Studio in Interactivity at Parsons the New School for Design’s MFA in Design in Technology. The project emerged out of an interest in “Love O’ Meter” games found at boardwalks and arcades along with an interest in the google image search for the word “Awesome”. Our project ultimately uses an interactive medium to look at universal self-interest (we LOVE to hear about ourselves) and how we each suspend our own “rational thought” to believe the future handed to us in a fortune cookie or a horoscope. Also, it just sounds like a good time.

The chair consists of, well, a chair and a projected image that overlaps part of the chair on the wall behind it. The projected image asks possible users if they “know the truth about how awesome they are”. Under the cushion of the chair are sensors which are set to detect the pressure of the user. When enough pressure is applied to the sensors the chair begins to “think” about what level of awesome the user truly is in similar fashion to the “Love O’ Meter’s” light bulb array. In addition, an “awesome” guitar riff (thanks to Poison) plays while the chair decides the users awesome level. As the chair lands on the level of awesomeness, the result will be reflected in a blinking animation that hovers over the level, an audio file speaking the level of awesome, and images found predominately from google searches using the term “awesome”. The images are an unexpected bonus at the end that adds humor and another level of randomness to the project. Lastly, keep in mind that the user of the chair is position directly under the projection. With the exception of the audio, the user will need the help of others to truly understand the results of the chair. This setup is intended to expand the interaction of the project from just User-Project to User-Project-Viewer.


Final Project: Awesome Chair [PowerPoint] ***coming soon***

Project Proposals: 2 Ideas [PowerPoint]