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After the presentation in class last week we took the constructive critique along with our own brainstorming session, we decided to re-design the look of the chair and the screen. The chair needed more of a personality and cleaner look. Below are some of the designs we came up with and the one we choose as the final look for our screen. 2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg




New Matrixmatrixeffect2.jpg


Valeria, Catherine, and Rabia really appreciate any feedback YOU can provide as far as picking one of the following looks that best suits the AWESOME chair. Thank you in advance.

The Awesome Page1resultpage-4.jpg



Static page 3Static page 4Static page 5




Awesome Chair

Visuals: (the screen should be up and running by the end of the weekend)

  • Static Screen
  • Thinking Screen (building on the thinking screen, we can design simple short AE moves, or simple messages that say thinking
  • Awesome Screen (Final Outcome ) (using scraped data)
  • 10 images/levels – for 10 categories displayed on screen.
    • The frames will be static and the images will be searchable from a database


  • Cardboard with arcade images
  • Structurally need to figure out how it will work
    • Design around class chair because may just take one
  • Think about traveling chair – possibly a folding chair with cardboard cover on top so we can test the chair in a few different places.

Awesome Meter:










Awesome Things: (images to cover the chair, we should have these images by this wekend)

  • Extreme Sports (snowboarding, skiing…)
  • great designs
  • space
  • explosions
  • motorcycles
  • race cars
  • mountain climbing
  • graffiti
  • subway art
  • international things

Physical Computing: Seat button or hand sensor?

  • Hand Sensor will work better with our project just because the subject can touch the sensor when ready instead of sitting on it

Things to purchase:

  • a pressure sensor button
  • might need a keyboard to take apart

Programs we will use:

  • Processing
  • Arduino (wireless)
  • After Effects
  • Flash

Point People and our major duties: Of course we’ll help each other…

  • Valeria- Physical Computing
  • Katherine-Processing/ possibly audio (audio for “how awesome are you?”, pure awesome, aweeessoommm…)
    • search for positive “awesome” images (10 for level)
  • Rabia- Visual Design: chair, gage, screen (Design in After Effects or Flash)
    • search for negative “awesome” images (10 for level)
    • Researching for the biggest database of images for the levels as well as the look of the chair (possibly 3D images or objects on the chair to make it even AWESOMERrrr)

I also considered taking our search for Awesome a step further and decided to search for awesome on

results for “Awesome”:-

Youtube awesomeAwesome on Youtube

In order to display images on our screen that would connect to the sensors on our chair, we decided to do image searches on Google using the word “awesome” by itself as well as with other key words and terms. We wanted to see the image output for all our inquiries so we could picture a scenario in our minds for user testing.

The results for our image search are essential for user interaction. The following are search key words we used as well as Google’s image search results:-

Keywords with “Awesome”:

  • Totally Awesome
  • Not Awesome
  • Very Awesome
  • Amazingly Awesome
  • Extremely Awesome
  • Truly Awesome
  • Surprisingly Awesome
  • Ahhhh Awesome
  • Retarded Awesome
  • Disgustingly Awesome
  • Retarded Awesome
  • Simply Awesome
  • Creepy Awesome
  • Crazy Awesome

We also searched for images using just the word “Awesome” on Google and wrote down the phrases that are tagged under the images to see if we can make meaning of any of them:-

  1. more Awesome than this picture … more awesome than this picture!
  2. Kelly “Awesome” Kelly “Awesome”
  3. i searched for “awesome” in Google I searched for “awesome” in google
  4. picture-39.png
  5. The Awesome V-Rex Motorbike The Awesome V-Rex Motorbike-
  6. Caps-Lock is FULL of AWESOME!!1! Caps-Lock is FULL OF AWESOME!!1!
  7. Todays Awesome Photograph comes Today’s awesome photograph comes
  8. (our God is an Awesome God) (our God is an awesome God)
  9. David Beckham uses Awesome David Beckham Uses Awesome Bod to …
  10. Check out All the Awesome eye chart Check out all the Awesome Eye Chart…
  11. Not their blog… January 2008 Not Their Blog: January 2008
  12. Awesome M.F-ing Dog Awesome M.F-ing Dog
  13. Awesome t shirt closeup awesome t shirt closeup
  14. Thats becuase you arent Awesome That’s because you aren’t awesome

Finally these are screen shots of Google’s image search results for words using awesome:-








What’s an interactive LED coffee table? (Funny you should ask….) It’s a coffee table that has hundreds of LEDs in the top surface that respond to motion above the table.

The complete tables are for sale from Because We Can, our partners in design on this project. There are presently two models, The Ripple (left) and The Wave(right):


Since we first showed these off, we have had a lot of inquiries about how you can make your own table like this. We are now producing (very large) electronic soldering kits so that you indeed can make your own.

Our kits include the giant printed circuit boards, components, instructions, regulated power supply, and all other parts needed to build the electronic portion of the table tops. Constructed, you end up with what essentially amounts to a single extra-ginormous circuit board that can sit underneath the clear or frosted glass (or plastic) top of your own table. Interesting in getting a kit? Click here to read the details!

Adults and children live in their own imaginary worlds despite the fact that they are living in the same space. Their everyday lives are sometimes incompatible and their physical differences can form separate territories in the same space.

Plable is a table, which has a normal tabletop and an imaginary world on the underside.
With this table, children can build their own imaginary world on the underside of the table, which is their secret special place, with opposite gravity. Adults can use the surface of the table as usual.
The movement, such as moving tea cups, that happens on the tabletop will be a trigger of the happenings on the underside. They can show children some exciting tricks and do their own things at the same time.
The connection of the surfaces gets children and parents together.
It also might help children and adults to play together more often through their normal activities in the everyday environment.

The idea comes from my old memories. When I was a child, I like to put sticker everywhere in house, and my father hated it and took off all of them when I was sleeping. However, one day, I realised there were some stickers left underside of the table, then started to think of that as my secret space. Since then, I put many stickers on the underside and tried to create my world.

As can be seen with this experience, there are some children’s territories in a house and normally they are in very low level or in narrow places, in other words, these are places that are too confined for adults and they rarely look in.

Moreover, another experience expanded this idea. I have a nephew, who is three years old, and I played with him sometimes. Maybe most children are the same, once they like one play, they keep asking to do it again and again. I remember, it is very difficult have their own time to do something relaxing when people have a little child. When I started to look for the way that kids and adults play together, I wanted to give parents some space to do their own things to treat themselves, like reading papers or having a cup of tea.

Then, I started to design this table.

I spend two month to build the working prototype.
I started with idea sketch, then did some research and build the table.
Here is the slide-show of the document of making Plable.


“electric kid” exhibition at Rabih Hage Gallery

The Pong table is a dining table made from DuPont Corian with an aluminium base. There are 2500 LEDs integrated into the table top, together with two track pads they recreate the classic Pong game. When turned off, the integrated technology disappears completely, leaving a simple, beautiful and practical dining table.


The roulette table also features a Corian top and aluminium legs. The hanging light above the table is made form thermoformed Corian. The table surface is illuminated from within to create the roulette board, where the bets are placed. The hanging lamp symbolises an inverted roulette wheel. When the croupier activates the game, lights in the lamp start running in a circle, while the numbers on the table flash in a random sequence. When the flashing stops, the single winning number remains illuminated.

A note on random number generation: It is a known fact that there is no computer algorithm that can produce true random numbers. However it is possible to use sensors that monitor true random phenomenons to create random numbers. This approach was used in this table: the input of the croupier is a true random event, that determines the winning number, just like in the traditional roulette game.



The Corian mirror has now joined the collection at the new showroom in Via San Nicolao 4, Milano.

This piece is a more abstract design that investigates the material properties of Corian. Like the tables, the mirror is made of glacier white Corian which diffuses the light in the most beautiful way. There are 1000 LEDs integrated, including the driving electronics without adding any thickness to the classic 12mm sheet material. It reflects a pixelated image of the onlooker in real time.


This new creation is a piece of furniture that interacts with what you wear changing the atmosphere and space around it. A sensor in the back of the chair reads the colour of the clothing and projects it on to the surface behind using LED lighting. This gives the individual sitting on it their own halo of light, evoking images of religious icons and kings.

The shape of his new chair evokes the design of medieval thrones. Whomever sits in the chair becomes the focus of attention, as they are surrounded by a projection of light, as if it was emulating their personal aura. The holes in the chair gradually increase in size, paradoxically making the design seem solid while also insubstantial, as though it might dissolve into the air.

This chair design proves again the versatility of Corian. Many thanks to Dupont for their support of this project.



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